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A Comprehensive Study of Selected Organized Retail Outlets at Gujarat: Human Resource Management Perspective

Sandip G. Prajapati

At the beginning of 21st century, Indian retail sector is one of the fastest emerging sectors in India. Organized retail sector is growing at sound rate. Foreign players are also motivated to enter in to Indian market, which ultimately increase the competition at domestic market. Our Prime Minister Narendra modi declared 100% FDI in retail sector. Due to this tuff competition and dynamics of consumer behavior organized retail store owners need to observe human force management at their work place. They need to observe motivation, compensation and performance evaluation systems and its impact over human force. Present paper attempt to analyze this by taking 200 samples from different cities of Gujarat. For this research descriptive single cross sectional research design was selected. Hypothesis and co relationship between two factors where done. In conclusion Workplace flexibility, flexi timings, job promotions opportunity, job enlargement & enrichment, fairly monetary targets and salary & gift or compensations will motivate the employees at organized retail sector.           

Human Resource Management, organizational Behavior at Retail Industry, Motivation, Job Satisfaction
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