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Proto-historic Copper Tools in Rajasthan: An Overview

Dr. Ambika Dhaka

The discovery of metal technology has been a turning point in bringing about a revolutionary change in the living pattern of human race. Certain historical periods got identified with names of metals as prefix signifying the technological know-how of the people. The earliest features of urban life in Indian subcontinent are indebted to Harappan legacy who were skilled in making implements of copper and its alloys. Apart from Harappans, some other cultures also flourished which were either contemporary or later to Harappans. Here, a mention may be made of Chalcolithic Cultures and Copper Hoards Culture located in north, central and western parts of India. The problem of Copper Hoards Culture is still an unresolved issue and a matter of debate among archaeologists. The distinct and unique tool typology of Copper Hoards from Rajasthan is noteworthy in comparison to its counterpart in Gangetic Valley.  Copper objects like anthropomorphs, tanged khurpis, shouldered axes, lugged celts etc. are characteristics of Gangetic valley which are conspicuous by their absence in Rajasthan.

Proto historic, Rajasthan, Copper tools
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