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Review of Literature for Models of Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIS) Financing Business & Trade

Ashok Vasant Edurkar
The model from strategic point of view is defined as a collection of financial business specific decisions that develop and/or maintain competitive advantage. So far as financing of India’s Foreign Trade is considered, the FFIs model for financing Foreign Trade is a totally new approach towards the financial system and foreign trade analysis. Earlier researchers employed the FFIs model analysis approach towards the analysis of financial system. The FFIs model analysis offers a wide range of applications. Several authors already employed this type of analysis, generating promising results. FFIs model is an important tool displaying the essence of financial business practices that lead to profits. Nevertheless, only well-defined FFIs model provides the information necessary to identify, compare and possibly enhance a certain trait. The FFIs models topic is often debated in the latest financial literature. The concept is used as an educative and analytical tool to explain and understand how FFIs function. The term model is widely applied and capable of including a range of financial business aspects. Financial business objectives, core customers, product management, financial business strategies, organization infrastructure and many other strategic and operational business processes fit in FFIs model term. Because of this capability to explain so much, FFIs model term suffers an “identity crisis”. Independent analysis undertaken by scholars and their individual approach towards business practices investigation resulted in a broad range of diverse interpretations and definitions in existing literature.
Foreign Financial Institutions, finance, trade, foreign investment
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