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A Study on Customer’s opinion with regard to Online Shopping

Pavan. K. A, Dr. N. Nirmaladevi

After the shopping mall revolution the next big wave is online shopping and it has been started in a big way.  One of the world’s largest online shopping companies has entered and giving a tough competition for home grown players. Educated young people welcomed the online shopping format with two hands. The objective of the study is to understand the purchasing pattern, opinion regarding the service quality, ease of use, security and payment process etc., Online customers are booming day by day and creating rush in online sites. Supply chain and delivery services became more vibrant to establish on time delivery. These changes initiate changes in the customer choices and behavior and that of their purchasing pattern. This paper highlights the customer choices and opinion with regard to online shopping. The results of the study may seed to a deep study about online shopping behavior of the customers.

Online shopping, customers, service quality, Ease of use, Security and payment process
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