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S.H.E.: Values among WVSUnian-Janiuay Students

Hedda C. Ortigas, Guiller P. Pendon

In order to create an effective school culture that promotes improved learning for all students, schools must first verify the level of knowledge on the set of core values the university that will function as explicit foundational commitment to students and the community. Once the school has established the students’ level of knowledge on its core values, it can step forward  to ensure that these can be actively reflected in the culture of the school and curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices in every function of a university. This descriptive study ascertained the level of students’ knowledge on the core values of Service, Harmony and Excellence. Slovin formula was utilized in the determination of respondents. The result clearly revealed that students regardless of course, sex and year level were extremely knowledgeable of the university core values, however mean scores were ranked to further explain the result of the study. Recommendations were made based on the findings of the study.

core values, excellence, harmony, service, students, values, WVSU-Janiuay
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