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Disparities in Health in State of Haryana

Dr. Tarun Bala

Equitable health care is feasible through proper resource allocation and access to health care is resolute by health needs and utilization of public health services. Access to health care, as a determinant of health,  may be unequally distributed if over a period of time  proper policies and reforms are not introduced. Increasing urban-rural socio-economic disparities jeopardized the fairness in social welfare and particularly the equity of access to health care, which has been widely considered a key objective of health care policies, in turn putting the disadvantaged communities in especially vulnerable position by increasing their health risks. The present study is primarily concerned with the analyzing the progress/ availability of public health care facilities during the periods of development in the state of Haryana, India  and  differences in  District level health indicators while discussing the provision, availability, accessibility and utilization of health care facilities in the study area i.e. shortlisted from the State of Haryana. This study concludes disparities in health indictors over a period of time as disparities among the Districts /regions in the   availability of infrastructure and other health indictors. Though, the government has declared socially backwards Districts of Haryana, as  high priority Districts yet, the situation seems as it is and has sans improved or marginally improved .Similarly the lack of proper awareness w.r.t. utilization of available health care facilities  as provided by the Governments both Union and State also contributed to widening of disparities in some backward Districts of Haryana. There has been a dire  need to motivate the people about the proper utilization of available health care services provided by the respective Governments and reconsideration and Redressal of  the health issues  is also required at both levels -  consumption as well services providing provisions .  Access issues is  also essential for informing public decision- and policy-making aimed at  providing better life to its citizen. 

Health Indicators. Disparities in Health , Health Care Utilisation
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