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A Study on Financial Analysis of Indian Leather Exports

Dr. B. Saranya, Dr. V. Kavitha

The history of leather tanning in India dates back to 3000 BC.  Tanning in the rural areas is done by indigenous techniques, making the use of this material easier. The most popular Indian leather products include footwear and hand bags. The footwear comes in various designs of traditional embroidery, brocade of textile. Bright colors and unique designs are used. The all time favorite- Kolhapur chapels of Maharashtra are very soft and very comfortable to wear. A special type of thickest shoes, called mojadis is designed in Rajasthan. They are decorated with silk, beads and metal embroidery. Jaipur is famous for its fancy and sophisticated footwear.   Hence, a study on financial analysis of Indian leather exports are very important in the present day scenario, and hence this study.

Indian leather industry, export of leather goods, trend analysis
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