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Begging in India: Barricading the Sustainable Financial Development

Abhishek Janvier Frederick, Dr. Sebastian .T. Joseph, Himanshi Srivastava

India is the most powerful country in terms of economy. The rapid growth in economy and population is also increases the poverty in the Indian country. This increasing population is causing disc breaks to the development of economy, with problems such as supply of food and demand of food, begging is one of them which is affecting  the Indian economic system in a most serious manner as in the human resource is getting unutilised.

Begging is most serious social issue in India. Begging is a problem for society is as much as large no. of beggars means not utilization of human resources and available resources in existing environment. This paper tries to examines the reasons causes of begging and the awareness of government schemes run for the people of such kind who are involved in begging at Allahabad.

Economy, Begging, Unemployment
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