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Shakespeare’s greatness as a literary artist

Dr. Gopal Sinha

Literature is a fruit of imagination, an ecstasy of the heart, the revelry of a mind steeped in the high floods of passion. Every great author has a special point or message to communicate. ‘The critic’s primary job, is to make the reader understand, to make him delve into the deeper recesses of the author’s mind, to throw light on those hidden treasures which lie buried beneath the dusts of anonymity.’ Shakespearean criticism has proliferated and, without doubt, critical works abundantly provide prolific, even mind-boggling information on this great dramatist’s genius, but works of criticism on Shakespeare are themselves inexhaustible, simply because of the reason that, Shakespeare; the man; is the man of a ‘genus’; he is one in whose revelry mankind would continue to sing for all time to come.

Poetic literature, literature, Shakespeare
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