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Small to Medium Online Live Selling Consumer Satisfaction in Nueva Ecija: Outlook for Better Online Market Services

Fhrizz S. De Jesus, Hazel Jade E. Villamar, Ramezesh E. Dionisio
The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited the transition towards a more technologically advanced world, with lasting repercussions on online buying habits. Due to constraints on face-to-face communication, the consumer has migrated from in-person to online shopping. In the province of Nueva Ecija in the Philippines, internet shoppers also use the online platform to purchase their fundamental needs and desires. The active online consumers were the target respondents of this study. This research study was conducted in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The researchers used Statistical tools such as Percentage, Frequency Distribution, Weighted Mean, and Thematic Analysis in analyzing the data gathered. As to the results, most of the respondents stated they feel, that buying online involves a high level of uncertainty when it comes to perceived uncertainty. Also, the majority of the respondents have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, especially in the initial phases of online purchases. Lastly, unexpected poor product quality was the problem that most encountered by the consumers using online live selling. It is recommended that strengthening and enhancing the use of online live selling will lead to the new formulation and digital transformation of the marketing plan which may result in the enhancement of their profitability and customer satisfaction.
Online live selling, Market Services, Consumer Satisfaction
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