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Green Marketing: A Descriptive Analysis of its Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior

Fhrizz S. De Jesus, Jeverlyn B. Ramos, Mariel T. Cunanan
Green marketing has become a very important marketing concept in recent years, and it has proven to be effective in promoting and reinforcing the concept of environmental conservation and sustainable development. The objective of this descriptive study was to determine the influence of green marketing on buying behaviour of consumers and their views and expectations towards green product and this study aim to assist consumers in Palayan City, Philippines by raising product awareness through ads, with the goal of changing individual purchasing habits, which can have an effect on environmental welfare and also to understand environmental friendly products' availability and the impact of advertisers' marketing campaigns in relation to consumers. As to its findings, most of the respondent agreed that humans must live in harmony with nature in order to survive. Also, the respondents believed that no consumers or buyers should frequently buy which can be refilled, and they are highly in favour that they feel good about buying green brands causing less damage to our environment. It also revealed that using an eco-friendly product has the most impact of green marketing on consumer buying decision that contributes for the environment safety, they encourage patronizing green marketing and using eco-friendly products to lessen the negative impact in our environment. Finally, the researchers recommend strengthening the campaign on green marketing practice through the use of different social media platforms. These platforms will help to connect with the customers and increase awareness of the crisis facing by the environment.
Green Marketing, Sustainability, Environment, Environmental Friendly
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