Information Assurance into Research Level in India: The Case of Possible Research-based Degrees

P. K. Paul, P. S. Aithal


Information Assurance, in short, is also called as IA. The field is concerned with the security of information. However, additionally, it is also responsible for the different kind of contents in a different form. The field Information Assurance is very close to Information Security; however, it also deals with manual contents security. According to the Information Scientist, Information Assurance talks about the rules, regulation, framework designing and development of security of the information or contents. The field Information Technology is growing rapidly and different fields have been incorporated into this viz. Database Technology, Web Technology, Network Technology, Software Technology, Multimedia Technology, etc. The applications of Information Technology into different fields, sectors, areas are called Information Science (IS). This branch is closest to the Society and Community and responsible for Social Development; additionally, it talks about manual information-related activities. Hence, Information Assurance as deals with both Computing and Manual content security, so it is considered as a branch of Information Assurance. Internationally many universities have started degree programs in the field. India also holds a large number of Higher Educational Institutes and offers a variety of UG, PG and Research Degrees. Even in recent past few universities have started some of the specialized PhD and research degrees. But still, there is an absence in Information Assurance academic program in India including PhD Degree. This paper is a kind of theoretical framework in response to the potentiality of PhD and research-based degrees in the field of Information Assurance and allied areas.


Information Assurance, IT Security, IT Management, Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Research-based Degrees, Indian Higher Education, UGC

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