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Social Traditions and the Violation of Women’s Right in the Tagin Society of Arunachal Pradesh

Bijay Raji
There are 26 major tribes and 110 sub tribes in Arunachal Pradesh. Out of these tribes and sub tribes, Tagin is one of the major tribes in Arunachal Pradesh. The Tagin are descendants of Abo Tani. They are settled in Upper Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh, bordering east with Galo, west south with Nyishi and North with the Tibet (China). The Tagins are recognized as a separate tribal group very lately. Macknise had noted thatDafla living on the border of North Lakhimpur was known as Tagin Dafla.  “Till very recently the Bagins, a Western branch of the Dafla tribe, occupying wild terrain in the east of Kameng and west of the Subansiri call the Daflas across the frontier of the Kameng district Tagins. Here, the term Tagin implies the sense of being an eastern people”.
Tagin Tribe, Arunachal Pradesh, Sociology
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