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Mapping Medical Aspirants Stress Levels Based on Student Versus Parent Led Career Choice- Special Reference to Kota

D.S. Chundawat, Charu Ranawat
This study was conducted to find varying stress levels feel by medical aspirants if they choose to prepare under parental pressure vis-à-vis under their own will considering the amount of hard work and perseverance required to put in for medical entrance in India. Suicide cases and various studies on stress levels among aspiring students, coming from different parts of India to Kota, preparing for medical and engineering entrance examinations make Kota an appropriate and obvious choice for the study. Responses were tabulated using frequency distribution tables and results were derived applying t-test, factor analysis and ANOVA using SPSS version 19. The study concluded that students chose to prepare for medical entrance out of their own will and male medical aspirants feel more stress as compared to female aspirants. Mapping overall stress with the parental pressure have some discrepancies with the previous studies performed by researchers and research institutes which might have caused due to various limitations, one would be a time of the study. This might further be analysed and verify the results as with the change in the social matrix of the social things tend to vary.
Stress, medical aspirants, adolescence, parental pressure
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