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The Quality of Life and Satisfaction Level among the Doctors Working in Rural Areas of India

Rashmi V. Aakode

The study aims to measure The Quality of Life and Satisfaction Level among the Doctors Working in Rural Areas of India, the challenges faced by them and to understand the determinants of stay on the job. The sample comprised of 40 doctors from rural areas of Maharashtra using convenient sample method. The data was collected using Quality of Life(QoL): BREF (WHO, 1996) and Satisfaction with Life scale (Ed Diner, 1985) and the scores obtained were analyzed using T-test and Pearson product moment correlation and thematic analysis were used for analyzing the qualitative data obtained. It was found that there is a significant association between the satisfaction levels among doctors when compared with various domains of QoL. The satisfaction of life was significantly associated with physical, social and environmental domains. It was also significantly associated while comparing the doctors who went willingly to rural areas as compared to doctors who went unwillingly. The association was seen in the physical and psychological domain of QOL. Hence, the satisfaction level is seen to be associated with QoL. The results obtained from the present study indicated that those who choose rural service have better QoL and are more satisfied. It is, therefore, important to promote motivation among young doctors to choose to serve their country in rural areas.

Quality of Life, Work Balance, Working Conditions
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