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The Law Related to Consumer Protection in India: Issues and Redressal Mechanism

Sony Kulshrestha

Who is a consumer, always creates a new debate? A person who avails/consumes the services in exchange of the consideration is a consumer according to the given definition of consumer under Consumer Protection Act, 1986. This definition never includes any commercial activities or any re-sale or without fee transaction. We on daily basis face various MRP related issues, poor quality of products, adulteration, no bill issues and many more. Some of us raise a voice against these unfair practices but number of us always keep silence and take everything so easy. The reason behind this may be nobody has time or knowledge, when and where to proceed. The right of consumer protection only needs the awareness; awareness about the provisions, process, forums and a fair counselling. Though government has initiated number of awareness schemes which includes the advertisements on television, newspapers and in magazines, skits, workshops and various poster making competitions, still the consumer exploitation continues. In this research paper by using an empirical and doctrinal technique of research the researcher wants to highlight the area where the law is lacking its enforcement to protect the interest of the consumer. The researcher also draws an attention about consumer rights, various grievance redressal agencies, who and how can file a complaint, the jurisdiction and the format of filing a complaint. 

Consumer, Redressal, Forum, Goods, Services and Deficiency
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