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50 Years of Naxalite Movement and Telugu Cinema: A Content Analysis

J. Madhu Babu, S. Sowjanya Babu
The Naxalite movement has influenced Indian cinema since the 1970s in different forms and degree. It has also left some valuable imprints on the cinema. A number of films in different languages have been made on themes of Naxalite movement directly or indirectly. Last year, Naxalite movement has completed50 years. In this context the researchers took at the four Telugu films i.e. Sindhooram (1997), Encounter (1997), Kubusam(2002), and Virodhi(2011).In an appreciation of how a Psychological approach to the story can highlight the dynamics of emotional cinematic experience, this study presents a critical analysis of these four films.
Naxalite movement, Telugu Cinema, Maoists
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