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Issues Related to the Developmental Research: An Identified Challenge for the Development of Indian Intellectual Capital

Ritu Tripathi Chakravarty

The development of any country depends entirely on the quality of researches done for betterment of the present prevailing systems and it has been proved that the countries who have failed in doing the Research and Development have lacked far behind in being able to stand up for the minimal basics. This research paper is a reflective paper and will make an attempt of presenting the current situation of researches in India .It is evident that there is a great paucity of researches in education .The researches done if at all are lacking in their originality and authenticity. Various challenges are discussed in this paper. The analysis was based on the content analysis and author’s experiences on   number of issues related to the difficulties in conduction of researches in education. The findings reveal that the developmental researches are not taken up seriously and therefore there is no rigour in conduction of good quality researches in education. Various suggestions were given in order to improve the selection of appropriate area for the researches and other factors that could lead towards the improvement of quality of developmental researches.

Developmental Research, Developmental Studies, Research & Development
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