Computing Academics into New Age Programs and Fields: Big Data Analytics & Data Sciences in Indian Academics—An Academic Investigation of Private Universities

P. K. Paul, P. S. Aithal


India is moving towards a developed country and thus knowledge cultivation is very much required and in this context introducing new age programs and degrees are essential. This is required for the creation of next generation skills and knowledge as per industrial and organizational demands including Government etc. Data Science is about managing the large amount and complex data, moreover, it is also known as Big Data Technologies. Due to the wider requirement in different universities and organizations, many international universities have started academic programs on Data Sciences and Big Data. However, a large number of institutes are located in India but only a few offer programs on Data Science and Allied Technologies. Importantly most these are listed in Engineering Colleges and few Private Universities. Universities in this regard adopted both full-fledged degrees and specialization methods to offer the Data Sciences and Allied Technologies. This paper is theoretical and contextual in nature, but also purely interdisciplinary in nature combines with education, information technology, and managerial science to learn about the status and future of qualified and skilled manpower. However, the paper is specially focused on private universities only with a brief overview of the technologies in international universities. 


Big Data, Data Sciences, Data Analytics, Private Universities, HEI, Indian Universities, R&D, Research, Knowledge Economy

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