Business Information Sciences emphasizing Digital Marketing as an emerging field of Business & IT: A Study of Indian Private Universities

P. K. Paul, A. Bhuimali, P.S. Aithal


Informatics is an interdisciplinary area and domain responsible for information related affairs with the help of technologies; particularly Information Technologies and Computing. Business Informatics initially was termed and popularized as a practicing area for the business affairs. Gradually the concept developed as a branch of study. The concept of Business Informatics was first introduced in Germany. Business Informatics is a combination of Business Studies/ Management with Information Science/Informatics. There are many related fields of Business Informatics viz. Information Systems, IT Management, Organizational Informatics etc. As the terms Informatics and Information Science are synonyms in many contexts, business informatics can also be called with nomenclature as Business Information Science. The branch of Information Science is a field of fields and thus it is also currently called Information Sciences (the plural). Hence the branch of Business Information Science may also be called as a broad one with the nomenclature ‘Business Information Sciences’. The nomenclature Business Information Science with a degree in India is not yet started though as far as knowledge mapping is concerned the field may be designated with the nomenclature associated with Business and IT. In this respect, the subjects and program like Information Systems, IT Project, Information Technology Management may be considered as important and vital for the field as ‘Business Information Sciences’. India is rapidly moving in higher education segment and thus many new branches have been developed and started in recent past and among these, Digital Marketing is an important one. In this paper an investigation and observation have been undertaken to learn about the Digital Marketing as a branch of Interdisciplinary Sciences in Private Universities in India.


Informatics, Information Science, Business Information Science, IT Management, India, Development, Research, Interdisciplinary Science, Academics

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