Role of Economics and Allied Sciences into Information and Computing Fields: Emphasizing Economics & IT Programs—World and Indian Context

P. K. Paul, A. Bhuimali, P.S. Aithal


Information Technology is an important and interdisciplinary field of fields. Information Technology is applicable in almost all the areas of Sciences, Arts, and Commerce as well. Even sector wise whether healthcare, government, education, transportation or agriculture—everywhere Information Technology and Computing is required.  Hence whether it is a Field or Subject or Sector, Information Technology is very much important and useful. Economics is an important subject for the development; it is more than development today. More importantly, it is valuable to note that Information Technology is not only useful in Economics but also in other contexts viz. Economics also played a great role in the field of Information Technology and Computing. There are many spaces where Economics and Allied Sciences such as Management and Commerce playing an important role. Due to the relationship between Economics and Information Technology, even educational programs worldwide have been developed. The programs are available as Bachelors degree, Masters degree, Doctoral degree etc. In India also in recent past, several improvements were noticed and as a result, educational programs combined with IT and Economics also noted. This paper is conceptual in nature and deals with the analysis and discussion on the application of Economics and allied subjects in the field of Information Technology and Computing. Moreover, the paper also discusses the educational programs available in India combined with IT and Economics.


Information Technology, Economics, Development, Information Science, Research, Knowledge Economy, IT, Economics, Indian Universities

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