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Impact of Yoga & Meditation on Psychological Pattern of University Students: A Scientific Paradigm

J. K. Arora, Siddharth Agarwal

To improve the quality of life, there has been the search of strategies for handling stress, and subjective well-being. These explorations have led us to ancient disciplines such as Yoga, which combine the physical elements of a healthy lifestyle with mental peace. It integrates the personality by bringing body-mind-soul coordination in a well-balanced way. The present paper is aimed to create awareness of the need of regular practice of Yoga and Meditation among the matured group of students at university level which will certainly help to improve the qualities of their mind for not only worldly achievements and success in life but also in attains, the ultimate goal of life which is spiritual upliftment.  This scientific study compared ’impact of yoga alone and yoga with meditation on alteration of psychological profile of university level students. It was predicted that practitioners’ psychological wellbeing would vary as a function of their parameters like stress, ESP, PSI-Q, and Working Memory. Result was statically analyzed using null Hypothesis. The experimental results are very optimistic in that yoga & meditation combined practice can alter an individual’s social, self, physical and emotional  wellbeing .It also indicates  that practitioners with yoga with spiritual intentions reported significantly higher psychological wellbeing compared with practitioners doing  yoga alone.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), PSI-Q, Working Memory, Consciousness
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