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A Study of New Age Learning Network for Business Impact in Indian Service Industry with Specific Reference to Information Technology Sector

Prasad G. Akerkar, R. K. Srivastava
Service Sectors in India is undergoing major transformation phase in today’s time. In order to achieve sustainable profitable growth, this sector is facing key competitive challenges such as operational efficiency, delivery productivity, global customer satisfaction and talent development & retention across their delivery centers. Training, Learning & Development (L&D) plays a significant role in these organizations by providing cutting edge leadership in technology & business management. It’s therefore very important to accomplish and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of L&D for real life business application and building learning assets for such organizations. Interestingly, India has one of the largest young workforce in the world, with over 65 % of its population under the age of 35. Today, Indian service sector employ about 3-4 generations at a time with generation Y alias millennial constituting about 70% of the total workforce. They have varied social demographic, have changing interests in diverse fields, and are innovative, creative & restless in nature. With their diverse learning& performing styles, varied expectations and challenges, it’s important to build a contemporary learning network &ecosystem that is tech-savvy, supports social and collaborative learning and provides linkages to growth of individuals, groups and organizations, thus leading to improved business performance at holistic level. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to examine this significant variable of L&D ecosystem constituting to its effectiveness for business outcome, ways of formal and informal learning channels that resonate most with these next gen employees, being part of a multi-generation workforce today.
Training effectiveness, Next generation learning, Learning Ecosystem, Business Results, IT Organizations, India
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