Abnormal Magnetic Moment and Zero Field Splitting of Some Nickel (II) Complexes

Rajeev Ranjan, Navneet Sinha, Sahdeo Kumar, Chandra Mauleshwar Chandra, Shivadhar Sharma


Some complexes of Ni(II) have been prepared with 2-thio-3-acetyl hydantoin (TAHN) and 2-formyl pyridine thiosemicarbazone (FPTS). On the basis of elemental analysis and molar conductivity, the complexes have been formulated as NiL2X2, where L = TAHN or FPTS and X = Cl, Br, NCS, ClO4. The infrared spectra of complexes and free ligand reveal that the ligand TAHN is co-ordinated through sulphur and acetyl oxygen, while FPTS ligand co-ordinates through heterocyclic nitrogen and sulphur to Ni(II) metal ion. The magnetic moment of these complexes are found to be 3.20-3.25 B.M. The values are greater than value (2.828 B.M) corresponding to two unpaired electrons of a d8-system. The appearance of four absorption bands in their electronic spectra reveal, the tetragonal distortion in the octahedral symmetry of complexes. The zero field splitting parameter(D) and the other crystal field parameters like Dq(xy), Dq(z), Dt have been calculated. The results show that, the tetragonal distortion parameter (Dt) increases in the order of NCS< Cl < Br while the zero field splitting parameter (D) also increases in the same order for both the planer ligands.


Heterocyclic nitrogen; Axial crystal field(Dqz); Tetragonal distortion parameters

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