A Comparative Electrochemical Behaviour Study of p-nitrophenol Using GC and Pt Electrode

Sangita Gupta


The work reports a comparative electrochemical behavior study of p-nitrophenol using GC and Pt electrode.  For this purpose, Cyclic Voltammetry was employed, where the redox mechanisms could be compared for reduction processes of p-nitrophenol by analysis of the voltammetric responses. Voltammetric curves of p-nitrophenol in aqueous-methanol medium on different pH using B.R. buffer for various concentrations (0.05mM, 0.1 mM, 0.15mM, 0.2mM) and scan rates at GC and Pt electrode was obtained. The very complicated reduction of p-nitrophenol revealed three reduction peaks out of which two peaks are irreversible and one peak is reversible.

Equation 1

HOC6H4NO2     +    e-                                            HOC6H4NO2-

Equation 2

HOC6H4NO2- +  HOC6H4NO2        HOC6H4NO2H.   +  -OC6H4NO2

Equation 3

HOC6H4NO2H.             +  HOC6H4NO2-              HOC6H4NO2H-  +   HOC6H4NO2


HOC6H4NO2H-             +  HOC6H4NO2                HOC6H4NO       +  -OC6H4NO2 +H2O         

The result obtained from GC electrode proved to be better than Pt electrode. Hence the GC electrode can be considered a suitable tool for determination of redox mechanism of  p-nitrophenol.


Electrochemical reduction; p-nitrophenol; Cyclic Voltammetry; TLC.; IR spectra

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