Estimation of Lovastatin in Pharmaceutical Formulation by Area under Curve Spectrophotometric Method

Shankar Dhobale, Vaibhav Narad, Dushyant Gaikwad


Development of an accurate, simple and cost effective UV spectrophotometric method for estimation of Lovastatin was the aim of present study. This work was based upon an area under curve method i.e. “concentration of the component of interest is directly proportional to the area under two points on the mixture spectra”. The UV spectrum between 238-258 nm was selected and the validation was carried out as per ICH guideline, Q2 (R1). This method obeyed Beer’s Lamberts Law over the concentration range of 5-25μg /ml. The value of correlation coefficient was 0.9988. The method was precise due to the satisfactory value of percent relative standard deviation for the intraday and inter-day precision. Result of the recovery studies (99.8) showed accuracy of method. Hence, developed method can be used for routine estimation of Lovastatin in bulk and dosage form.


Lovastatin; AUC; Validation; UV-Spectroscopy

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