Nutritional Deficiency Diseases in School Children Rural Areas of Mangaraipattai Village Musiri Taluk, Tamil Nadu

C. Maruthanayagam, R. Mahalakshmi


An intervention study was conducted among 518 school going children with an objective to study the nutritional deficiency disease in Mangaraipettai village. Anemia is one of the major prevalent nutritional deficiencies in the world, and more than half of the population in India is anemic, the  prevalence of anemia is very high among school going children, anemia leads to poor pregnancy outcome, impaired school performance, decreased work productivity and other adverse effects comes. This  study was conducted to assess the  prevalence of anemia, underweight, vitamin A  deficiency, parasite infection, dental caries, stunting growth and some  social  factor including  drinking water  sources, intake  of  leafy  vegetable among  school going children 4 year old  to  14 years  of  age, and  the  results found was 74.5% of  students are anemia. The other results were discussed.


Anemia; hemoglobin; underweight; vitamin disorder

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