Investigations of Current Generated in Construction of Polarization in Vectra A, Liquid Crystal Copolyester

Sapna Kalia, Rajesh Kalia


The Thermally Stimulated Polarization Current (TSPC) is used to study the dielectric behavior of Vectra A, liquid crystal copolyester. The TSPC spectra of samples of Vectra A for various polarizing fields (3.8 kV/cm- 19.2 kV/cm) have been investigated. A dipolar relaxation is observed in the low temperature region ~ 30 oC due to orientation of naphthalene groups present in Vectra A which is termed as peak-P1. In the higher temperature region above 110 oC, the dipolar and space charge peaks are in composite form. TSPC cycle is performed to distinguish the dipolar and space charge peaks. Also, the TSPC spectra of annealed and doped samples of Vectra A are studied. The results obtained from TSPC spectra are compared with TSDC spectra of samples of Vectra A.  


Thermally Stimulated Polarization Current (TSPC), Vectra A, poling filed, annealing, doping

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