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Assessment of Oral Health among Salt Workers of Little Rann of Kutch, North Gujarat

Umesh K, Sangeeta Chavan, Deena N Rajyaguru

Exposure to industrial chemicals and ecological pollutants results in sober health hazards amongst the workers and general public. Salt workers are exposed to various environmental conditions like direct sunlight, salt dust and make contact with  brine, which encompass an impact on the health of workers. While oral wellbeing is an vital part of the general health, we intended to establish its effect on the oral health.

Objectives: To assess the oral health among the salt workers of Little Rann of Kutch, North Gujarat, India.

Material and Methods: A cross sectional, descriptive survey was conducted among 650 Salt workers of little rann of kutch, subjects, Information was gathered on the demographic profile followed by clinical examination for recording the oral health, based on the WHO guidelines. The Chi–square test, t–test, were used for the statistical analysis.

Results: Mean DMFT of females (6.49 ± 4.15) were significantly higher as compared to those in males (p=0.001). Majority of the study participants had dental fluorosis and Attachment loss of 4–5 mm and 6-8 mm  and the mean number of sextants were significantly higher among males than among females (p=0.05)

Conclusion: significant amount of salt workers have  a higher prevalence of oral diseases. Implying  a deprived ease of access and accessibility to oral health care. 

Oral health, salt workers, occupational hazard
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