The Effect of Brine on Organisms-Hydrobionts

Issayeva A. U., Bishimbayev V. K., Zhumagulyeva A. I.


The problem of salinization of water resources associated with the drying of the Aral sea is one of the urgent problems of Kazakhstan. Annual salt storms cover hundreds of kilometers around the sea with a salt layer. Salinization of water resources leads to changes in the population structure of aquatic organisms. On the other hand, the influence of brine on aquatic organisms is not well understood. As a result of the work it was found that the introduction of the surface brine of lake Zhaksy-Klych, located near the Aral sea, into the aquatic environment in a ratio of 1:1 causes the death of all protozoal organisms, and in the cells of filamentous algae there was a convex plasmolysis. The most resistant diatoms in which the introduction of brine into the water causes a gradual plasmolysis of convex and convulsive form.


Aral sea, lake Zhaksy-Klych, salinization, brine, hydrobiont organisms

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