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Q. I want to know more about Institute of Research Advances and what does it do?
Ans. Institute of Research Advances is a registered entity having its editorial office besed in India. Institute of Research Advances is a Publisher Member of the Publishers International Linking Association Inc. (CrossRef) USA and a signatory to the Budapest Open Access Initiative, Hungary. Institute of Research Advances is engaged in reviewing and promoting the scientific advancement across various disciplines of scholarly research.

Q. How does IRA promote scholarly content?
Ans. Institute of Research Advances is a registered data provider under Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). Besides, its published content forms part of CrossRef Metadata Search for cross reference linking and cite-ability. Advocating the Open Access, IRA's published content is available freely under Creative Commons License.

Q. How can I associate myself with IRA?
Ans. You can join us as a reviewer to one or more of our scholarly publications in individual capacity. To join us as a reviewer, one needs to be a PhD in any discipline. Institutions can associate with us for shared objectives. We use to associate with many institutions for holding scientific events, seminars and conferences from time to time.

Q. If I join as reviewer, how much manuscripts will I need to review in a year?
Ans. We do care about our reviewers' busy time schedules and we require not more than one manuscript per quarter to be reviewed by an individual reviewer.

Q. As a reviewer, will I be getting any considerations?
Ans. As the empanelment as reviewer is on honorary basis and voluntary in nature, we do not offer any financial considerations to our reviewers and editors. However, for every reviewed manuscript, we do recognize our reviewers' contributions by issuing them certificates of appreciation.

Q. I want to submit a manuscript for review, how can I submit?
Ans. The manuscripts can be submitted online on the specific journal's website. Alternatively, a submission by email can always be made.

Q. What is the mode and frequency of the journals?
Ans. Our journals are published electronically. The frequency of our journals is quarterly with four issues per year.

Q. If I submit my manuscript, will it be peer-reviewed?
Ans. Yes, it will be. Every submitted manuscript is subject to an originality examination, peer-review and an editorial decision before an acceptance or otherwise without any exception.

>Q. How much time is taken for completing a review?
Ans. We generally complete reviewing a submitted manuscript in an average period of 3-5 weeks. The period taken in review is dependent on the time schedule of our panel reviewers and invited guest reviewers. We at all times, do ensure a prompt review to let the submitting authors know about the acceptability/rejections timely.

Q. What are the key policies which I need to take note of while submitting my manuscript for review?
Ans. As a scholarly author, you need to comply with our Policy on Peer-Review, Policy on Publication Ethics, Policy on Scholarly Misconduct, Policy on Plagiarism, Copyright Policy and editorial guidelines while submitting a manuscript for review. Non-compliance of either of the policies will result in rejection of the manuscript. If any non-compliance comes to our notice, the manuscript under review will be rejected without completing its review. In case of an accepted article, the acceptance will result in acceptance cancellation and if any non-compliance comes to our notice after an accepted manuscript is published, the published manuscript can be removed from the published issue after holding a conclusive investigation.

Q. Is there any article processing charge to be paid?
Ans. There is an Article Processing Charge in respect of every reviewed & accepted article. If the paper is accepted for publication, the authors will be asked to pay an Article Processing Charge to support the publications in meeting up with the costs of publishing, costs of infrastructure both the human as well as technical overheads. For more details, please refer to our Policy on Article Processing Charge

Q. How can I archive my published paper?
Ans. In line with our Archiving Policy, the published authors may archive/share the published PDF copy on any archival resource/internet platform. In case the author had previously shared the unpublished text of the paper, he/she will need to replace the same with the published PDF copy on all archival platforms where the same had previously been archived/shared by the author.

Q. I noticed a typographical error in my published paper, how can the same be fixed?
Ans. Typographical errors may still be there even after due care and best effort. If you have noticed any such error, please write to our Editorial Office so that the same can be fixed promptly.

Q. How can I get IRA published content in my institution's library catalogue/inventory?
Ans. As all of our journals' content is accessible freely online, you can suggest the archive URLs of our journals to your librray so that they can add the same as free content resources in your library' catalogue/inventory. In case, you need any help or assistance in doing the same, feel free to write to our Editorial Office.

Q. I want to refer to any part of the IRA published content or want to re-produce some specific part form my own work, how should I do it?
Ans. You can freely refer to any of our published content subject to the condition that you give citation to our work in your work as reference. In case, you want to re-produce any part of our content, you will need a specific written permission for doing so from our Editorial Office.

Q. From where can I have information on the indexing & abstracting of the publications?
Ans. Our publications are widely indexed and abstracted. We are working hard to get our publications in even more of the indices and databases. For the currently available indexing & abstracting of our publications, please refer to journal specific website's indexing section. In case you want to suggest any indexing, feel free to write to our Editorial Office.

Q. Can I keep copyright of my published paper with me?
Ans. Generally, the copyright for the published content is with the IRA and the same is declared by the authors to the IRA's favor in case the paper is accepted after its review. In case, if you need to keep copyright of your paper with you, you will need to make a written application to our Editorial Office requesting for the exemption from the copyright transfer at the time of submitting the manuscript for a review.

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